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  1. Jennifer turner

    I REALLY just HAD to write you to tell you how much I love your site!! I live in Canada – today I just returned from a too-short trip to Arizona. A big goal of my trip was to learn about the Navajo and Hopi people and learn about traditional food. I went to the code talkers museum in Tuba City as a starting point – part of the written exhibit laments the current “modern” (impoverished) diet of the people compared to traditional foods. Later I drove out to the Cameron trading post for a taste of “traditional” food first-hand – something about the massive portions of Navajo tacos on fry bread being eating by all the people on tour busses…it just didn’t feel right!! I did get as far as having some piki bread w seeded hummes at La Pousada…but that was about it – it was already time to leave!! So I made progress…but my goal will require more work. I decided to do more research on the people and culture before making another trip down the road. Then I found your site. It’s WONDERFUL!! THANK-YOU! I can’t wait to undertake more of this learning process. It feels like I am working my way back to something real, something of great importance. I’ll check back in with your site regularly.


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