Traditional Recipes

Here you will see the original traditional recipes. By “traditional” recipes we mean: they do not contain white, bleached or unbleached flour, eggs, sugar, cheese, lard or fry bread, pasta, pies, cakes, nor any other processed food.

Blue Corn Mush

Kneeldown Bread




5 thoughts on “Traditional Recipes

  1. sharron oneill

    i really love the navajo people,there triditions,and some of there food.i would like to learn more . thank you for this web site to give me the chance to learn . sharron

  2. T

    It needs to be told that what we Navajo’s use is Ground Roasted Blue Corn and not cornmeal. They are two different things, especially tell a Non-Native for there is the cornmeal that the stores sell and the Ground Roasted Blue Corn that is sold in some stores.

  3. Bernhard Post author

    It is a good idea to roast the cornmeal first. Toasting it first gives the corn a heartier flavor. But the recipe does not require roasted cornmeal – any kind will work.
    In case your store doesn’t carry roasted cornmeal, or you want to roast it yourself: In a frying pan, toast the cornmeal over moderately high heat, stirring constantly, to prevent burning for about 5 minutes.

  4. Olin Smith

    Hello my name is Olin and thank you for the science behind the ash additive that information was awesome I am a young chef I run a kitchen on the cusp of the Navajo Nation booming with tourist . I am in my sophomore year here as head chef and have total freedom of kitchen and being half Navajo I would like to incorporate more Navajo cuisine with modern twist. I am trying to develop a recipe and new cooking method to mock the Navajo steamed and dried corn possibly using a smoker. Neshgizhi is the corn name I believe please help me with any recipes or methods thank you


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